COLETTE PETERS Inspired Jeweler's Cake

3-tier Graduation Cake

3-Tier Navy Blue Bow Cake

3-Tier Mannequin Cake

3-Tier Mannequin Pre-Wedding Party Cake

3-tier Mannequin Cake in African Print

Green 4-Loop Bow Wedding Cake

Ivory Pearl Rose and Larkspur Wedding Cake

Burgundy Flower ZOE CLARK Wedding Cake

4-tier Orange Orchids Wedding Cake

Shiny Pearl Scroll embroidery Wedding Cake

Animal Kingdom 1st Birthday Cake

Painted Art RODO Shoe and Purse Set

Sugar Paste Baby Boy Booties

Church Dress and Sandal Cake

Baby Crib Cake with Blankie and Paci

Baby Church Dress Cake

Baby bath and Clothes Line Cake

Baby Bather Cake

Basket Weave Butter Icing Cake with Orchids

Baby Crib with Chocolate Name Tag


Scroll Print Pillow Pre-wedding Cake

Easter Chicks and Eggs Cake

Multi-colored Bow Wedding Cake

 BRAZILLIAN Spirit Mini Cake Boxes

Brief Case of Cash with White 3-tier Wedding Cake

Peach and Chocolate Brush Embroidery Cake

Caterpillar Birthday Cake

Cheetah Prints Baby Crib Baby Shower Cake

Child Colorful Gift Box Cake

White Chocolate Princesses and Carriages

5-tier Cream and Chocolate Wedding Cake

Christmas ornament Cakes

Christmas Tree Cake

2-tier Church Hat Cake

Sugar Paste Clowns

Wedding Cake with matching cupcakes


Doll Cake

Church Dress with Nappies Cake

Sugar Paste Elephants in Noah's Ark

Bling 1st Birthday Elmo Cake

4-Tier Turquoise and Chocolate Cake

Headgear and Cap NIGERIAN Traditional Wedding Cake

Football Cake

FOREVER 21 Birthday Cake


Shoe Diva's Birthday Cake

KERRY VINCENT Inspired Wedding Cake
Olive Rhinestone Ribbon with Tulips Wedding Cake

Its Midnight, Happy New Year Cake

Hollywood/Movie Directing Cake

Howard University Graduation Cake

Green theme Mini Cake Favors

Black, Gray and Silver Cake Favors

KUMON Purse Cake


Baby Crib Baby Shower Cake

5-Tier Green Lace work Cake

MFM Logo Cake

MARY KAY Agent Birthday Cake

Mini Cake Favors

Mini Cake Wedding Favors

Mini Cake Favors

1800FLOWERS Mother's Day Tote Bouquet

 NIGERIAN Traditional Wedding Cake

NIGERIAN Traditional Wedding Cake

NIGERIAN Traditional Wedding Cake

NIGERIAN Traditional Wedding Cake

NIGERIAN Traditional Wedding Cake

NIGERIAN Traditional Wedding Cake

Noah's Ark Birthday Cake

Mini Cake Favors

2-Tier Yellow and Orange Wedding Cake

5-Tier Orange and Gold Cake
Gift Box/Ring Box Engagement Cake

KERRY VINCENT Inspired Orange Cake

KERRY VINCENT Inspired 4-tier Cake

Square Christmas Cake
Painted Art Cake

Peach and Chocolate Wedding Cake
Pearl Peach Wedding Cake
Peach Fantasy Flower Wedding Cake

Piece of Cake Birthday Cake

Strawberry and Original Rice Krispie Treat wedding Cake

Make-up Birthday Cake

White Chocolate Bars Wedding Cake

Pearl with Pink Scrollwork Cake

Pregnant Belly Baby Shower Cake

Doll Birthday Cake

Poinsettia Christmas Gift Package Cake

Pretty Pink Pillow Cake


Ring Box/Gift Box Cake

Chocolate Race Car Pretzels

Car Race Track Cake

Red and Gold Pre-wedding Party Cake

1st Birthday Rice Krispie Cake

Rooney Fan Cake

Male Bow tie cake

Santa Clause

Huge Sea/Ship cake

Strings of honor Cake
Super Dad Cake

Swimming Pool Cake

ESRB Rating Cake

RCCG Houston Cake

Gift box Cakes
Bianca&Co Blue Cake

Turquoise  Blue Cameo Cake

5-tier Damask Print Wedding Cake

Tiffany Ribbon Wedding Cake
Blue Bow Wedding Cake


MARTHA STEWART Inspired Intricate Design Wedding Cake

Pregnant Belly Cake

Crib Baby Shower Cake

Zebra Prints Baby Shower Cake

Mini Cake Wedding Favors

Soft Pink Baby Shower Cake

Clutch Purse Birthday Cake

Inspired Summer Flip Flop Cake

Elephant Topper Birthday Cake
Shiny Pearl Wedding Cake with Sugar Flower Stand
Zebra Purse Cake
Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake

Ruffles Wedding Cake

Wine and Silver NIGERIAN Traditional Wedding Cake


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