Friday, June 21, 2013

My first entry is a cake I made for my close friend ID!   ID turned 50 recently.  Well, ID is my OLDER friend, just incase you were thinking I'm about 50, hahaha!  ID has been my friend since 1991.  (We met at Speedwriting Secretarial College in Lagos where I obtained my Secretarial Diploma while waiting to get a job after college.  She was already working at a computer firm.  Since then she's been my friend and quite oddly, we've never had a quarrel, ever!  Its a very respectful friendship). 

ID's celebration was unique in the sense she had closed and open parties.  Celebration started with family and very close friends the night before to usher in her 50th year.  In the morning of her birthday, she had a breakfast fellowship at home for church friends and family and then an all night party in a banquet hall.  For her breakfast, we made a sweet breakfast table. 


For her night party, ID wanted her cake to be a highlight of the occasion.  When we chose her cake, I was a bit skeptical, but I geared up to take the plunge. We baked 5 double layer cakes and hung 3 of them on a pedestal stand to dangle upside-down - this cake style is called the CHANDELIER CAKE!  Now, that is some technique that WOWs any crowd!  The cake flavors were Orange and Almond, Mocha Swirl, Butter, Chocolate Marble and rich fruit Cake.  Geometric Patterns are very modern for cakes so we made two sizes of gold rings and decked the cakes with them.  Beautiful!  Very, very ID! Enjoy!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Hi Everyone, my name is Ehi!  I'm a wife, a mom of 4 and an ardent baking and cake decoration lover.  I've heard many say I have the eye for aesthetics. I believe every cake must be the highlight in any event. Baking and Cake decoration is veeeery tasking, specialist work.  There's not so many reasons for anyone to keep up with it except for loving it. I looooooove my work from start to finish.  (I love the look on the faces of my friends when they see their cakes the first time).   I love to create cakes with an impression: cakes with a voice.   Your cake should imprint an impression on your guests! 

I decided to start this blog on the advice of one of my younger friends Nkem Morah (Yaaaaaaay!  Everyone needs a younger friend to spice up their lives, seriously).  Nkem and I started to talk about the blog sometime in 2011.  We decided I needed a more interactive site where I could reach my friends with both beautiful cake pictures and a framework of useful resources for their parties.  I want to share just about anything about cakes, desserts and other foods as well as meddle with every aspect of party hospitality.  So I went on a long search for blog designers.  By the help of God, I stumbled onto some "out-of-this-world" designers: and got a talented designer to sign me on.  Lauren Nelson and I worked excellently together even though we were both pregnant with babies at that time.  Laura was a few 2-3 months ahead of me.  She worked closely and tirelessly with me to create the beautiful blog you now see.  Laura launched the blog in May 2012.  With so much going with me including the birth of my Baby Lael, I delayed work on it until now: June 2013!

I'm inviting everyone to feel free to add your comments and suggestions as you read, pin my pictures and interact with Ehi's Cakes on Facebook.  I'll get out as much as I know that'll help make your party go off-the-chain #Weareboomingout #weareinittostay!