Monday, May 19, 2014


Hi, hope you're doing great. I have savored the cold weather these past weeks and now feel very anxious as we journey into that unbearable Houston heat. I just Zero my thoughts to enduring another 6-7 hard months of hot weather before my happy months come in again. All-in-all, I looooove Houston: bubbly in a gentle way! In 2014, all the modern features of cake designs remain: Ruffles, fabric patterns, simplicity for elegance, some shine, Rhinestones and all the chic-ness of a beautiful cake that your cake decorator will discuss with you. In addition to these, you may: UPDATE A CLASSIC, take a classic cake and add modern features to suit your theme. WORK ON "WHATS'S ON THE INSIDE" of your cake. It counts! The cake inside should also take center stage with colors and textures. Add a touch of GARDEN FRESH FLOWERS AND BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS on your cake. INFUSE BOLD COLORS They make anything pop out. Check out Electric Blue, Metallic Green, combinations of bright colors such as Orange, Green, yellow, turquoise, red, fuchsia. CONSIDER MULTIPLE DESSERTS: the Dessert Table will cause guests to marvel at your abundant spread of sweets and desserts. ENSURE YOUR CAKE DESIGN MATCHES THE CENTRAL THEME. Coordinating stuff for a party gives the party that rich, expensive, sophisticated look.Have Fun!


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