Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Hola, como estan? (Got my Spanish working!) The past weeks, probably months have been quite busy. I've saved up lots of pictures to share as our memories of the past summer. In the next couple of entries, I'll be showing off my favorite CO-ORDINATES. Every party should have a central IDEA it's showing off. This is the THEME. My close friend always says "you shouldn't have any business having a party when you don't have any idea to work with". Every party should be ACTING OUT carefully planned and predetermined activities. The hostess should carefully consider everything from invitation style, menu, songs her guests will dance to, items on the program to the paper plates that'll end up in the trash! If possible, she should add a highlight activity that'll excite the guests. Lots of Wedding receptions now have the bride, groom or bridal train putting up a choreographed dance. My first co-ordinate is my baby's 1st Birthday. We had a mini party celebration, I decided rather than the regular characters to make up our own theme using his easily recognizable items. We worked with Animals and transportation items. For the menu, we served a variety of finger foods, lots of cakes, cupcakes and candy and played kid appropriate games with attractive gifts. There are so, so many themes to work with these days: such as the TV Characters, alphabets, balloons, animals for kids and chevron pattern, damask patterns, polka dots, zebra prints, black and white etc. for adults. We had a pre-party SMASH CAKE studio photo taken by Picture People. Many thanks to TMaj photography for the beautiful pictures you now see, Enjoy!


  1. Hello Ehi. Lovely, lovely pictures you've got here. Pls I really need your contacts. Where are you located? Pls respond ASAP. Thanks

  2. Hello Bimz, just reading your comment, after not been able to view comments and giving up for a while. My sincere apologies. You may call me on 281-7799649, thank you!