Thursday, January 16, 2014


Happy New Year All! Welcome to 2014! May this year bring the best of your wishes and heart desires! Its so exciting to have the privilege of crossing over from one year into another, it leaves you with a certain expectancy for what's in store for you! Most Houstonians cheered the cold weather of December 2013, and very typical of Houston's erratic weather, it starts to get warmer and warmer in January, into the 70s. Hopefully, there's still some cold weeks ahead. I'm posting pictures from my promise from last year to show a couple of co-ordinates from last summer. In this post, you'll see an unusually gorgeous combination of navy and turquoise blue in two separate celebrations. Both celebrations were christian congregations honoring their pastors along with their families. I added the picture of a welcome banner that was used for one of the occasions as well as a 2014 new year clock cake, Enjoy!


  1. All these birthday party inspirations are truly gorgeous. That last cake is my favorite. I might use this idea for my dad’s 50th birthday celebrations. I will host a party at one of famous local party venues and will get d├ęcor done to his choice.

  2. Great! I love how crisp the color combination is! Works well for your Dad. Best Wishes for a successful birthday!